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Classifiers are responsible for determing the compensation added to skating scores and facilitation requirements

Inclusive Skating has implemented a functional model of classification. This follows the Classification Handbook and the Code of Classification.

Members of the Classification Panel are called classifiers. The Classification Panel usually has three people. They include people with expertise in ice skating and a doctor or occupational therapist. Usually, you will meet at least one of them. Most of the classification is done by watching the skating and classifiers continually review the classifications for accuracy.

Our current Skating Classifiers are: Margarita Sweeney-Baird, Hannah Lee,

In training: Dr Rebecca Calthorpe, Dr Lucia Di Mascio, Caitlyn Di Mascio, Courtney Wiseman

Our current Medical/ Occupational Therapist Classifiers are:  Hannah Lee, Dr Anne Cruickshank, Dr Lynsey Cameron, Dr Bryn Jones,

In training: Dr Rebecca Calthorpe, Dr Lucia Di Mascio, Courtney Wiseman

If you wish to train as a classifier please sign up as a volunteer and join us on the membership platform.




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