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April 2023

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Walter Stewart Memorial Event

Hamilton, United Kingdom

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Inclusive Skating helps all skaters "Live the Dream" and learn to skate with their families and carers in a supportive environment. Ice Skating and Inclusive Skating competitions for skaters with additional challenges are open to all, come and join the community.

4 December, 2022

Inclusive Skating World Virtual Championships 2022

Inclusive Skating World Virtual Championships 2022: Skaters Inspire Global Skating Community on World Ice Skating Day

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2 October, 2022

Virtual Worlds 2022 x World Ice Skating Day

Inclusive Skating is thrilled to announce that this year's Virtual World Championships will be part of the International Skating Union's World Ice Skating Day!

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10 May, 2022

Commitment to Inclusion

Inclusive Skating is excited to announce its new mission statement. As our charity continues to grow and welcome new members, we believe that it's important to underline the values that drive our mission and clarify the extent of our inclusive ethos.

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