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Inclusive Skating provides a wide range of events for skaters with a wide range of challenges. Events take place at ice rinks and on line. Everyone is welcome.

Stop Press - The English 2020 Championship Results as a complete set including Pairs, Synchro, Dance and Free are now available.

Also available are:

the Free Skating Results and the Level Results and the Marking Sheets are now available.

the Free Dance Marking Sheets (FD)

the Pair Skating Marking Sheets (P)

the Synchro Marking sheets (S)


The English Inclusive Skating Championships held on 4th and 5th January 2020 included the Special Olympics National competitions and are the qualification event for the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2021. Please ensure that you become a member of Special Olympics if you wish to be considered for entry for the WWG 2021.

Planned Program Content Sheets are now available for completion. Please send to the event organiser at least 7 days before event. Alternatively you can load these onto your event entry when entering the event. If you do not make these deadlines then please bring a paper copy with you to the event and hand this in at your registration.

The provisional timetable for the English Inclusive Skating International Championships 2020 has been updated and reissued on 31.12.19

The Technical Handbook, 5th Edition 2020 has now been released. 

General Information

Inclusive Skating has events for everyone no matter what the challenge. Most events are unified so the families, carers and our community of volunteers can join in too.

There is a wide range of events in Compulsory Elements, Free Skating, Compulsory Figures, Free Dance, Pattern Dance, Pair Skating, Couples Free Dance, Speed Skating and Synchro events with groups of duets, trios, quartets, teams of 5 to 10 and super teams of 11 to 16.

Events take place at ice rinks and online through the internet. All entries should be made through the event platform on this website.

Skaters may submit a video performance if they cannot travel to the designated ice rink for the event at the time stated. This includes: anyone who cannot travel to an event because of funding or practical difficultes, or has a condition that prevents them from performing, e.g. autism, anxiety issues or behaviourable difficulties.

Individual assessment and meeting of needs is assured through classification, facilitation, accreditation and even individual adjustment of rules.

The rules exist to ensure that everyone is included and that everyone can show what they can do! Check out the Rules page to find out more about the rules.

Check out the Glasgow 2019 information page to find out more about a typical event.

The Technical Handbook 2020, 5th Edition has the current rules for the 2020- 2021 season.

February 2020






Special Olympics Invitational Games 2020

, Ostersund, Sweden


Spring Test and Skills Badges

, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

April 2020


Scottish Inclusive Skating International Championships 2020

Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

July 2020


British Inclusive Skating International Championships 2020

Cardiff, Glamorgan, United Kingdom

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