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Inclusive Skating holds Virtual and Venue Events. Scroll to the bottom of this page to register. The welcome is the same!

Future Plans: World Inclusive Skating Virtual and Venue Championships

In future Virtual Events will compliment Venue Events. Venue Events will return as soon as the global pandemic is under control and it is safe for Inclusive Skaters to travel to a Venue Event. When Venue events can take place Virtual Championship events will continue as they meet the needs of Inclusive Skaters who find it difficult to travel or who experience difficulty participating in Venue Events. Virtual Events are fun for everyone, promote inclusion, provide additional competition opportunities and are now an established part of the Inclusive Skating format.

World Inclusive Skating Virtual Championships 2021

The World Inclusive Skating Virtual Championships 2021 will be held on 11th and 12th December 2021 with the presentation party being arranged at a later date following the event. Registration is available from midday on September 14th 2021 and closes on November 14th 2021. Video and Virtual Rules will apply. The deadline for submission of videos is 27th November 2021.

All videos must be new videos that have been filmed during 2021. Videos for in-line, off-ice and ice events can be filmed at different times. Skaters should provide a single performance and video for a program. 

Ice, In-line and Roller Championship Events

The Virtual Championships will include the usual full range of skating events for ice skating, in-line and roller and new additional events developed to accommodate lockdown. Details on all events are in the Technical Handbook 6th Edition. Please check the Rules page for the current and up to date links.

Skaters can  participate in events using ice skates, in-line skates and/ or roller skating boots and compete at different levels.

Separate results will be provided for ice, in-line and roller championships events.

Off-Ice Events

The Virtual Championships will include off-ice skating events wearing footwear. Separate Results will be provided.


Skaters who require classification are invited to provide pre-recorded video entry of their current compulsory elements at the earliest possible time using the recommended method, e.g We transfer to inclusiveskating.event@gmail.com. There is no additional charge for this. Classification will be undertaken primarily through online video conference call and will be subject to review at the event and for further period of time as required. Please refer to the Classification Handbook and Rules for further information.

General Rules

Medals - Medals will be awarded for all entries and will be posted to competitors. It is intended that the medals will arrive with competitors before the presentation party.

Planned program content sheets - PPC pdf are now available for completion for element and Free Program events.

Video - Please send Video and PPC to the event organiser using the recommended method, e.g We transfer to inclusiveskating.event@gmail.com

Music - Skaters should comply with the Inclusive Skating music guidelines for copyright. 

Technical Rules - will follow the Technical Handbook 6th Edition. Please go to the Rules section for the latest version.

The entry costs are subsidised and the entry fee paid by the skater will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Please seek the help of your coach and stay safe - Good luck and good skating!

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Virtual World Inclusive Skating Championships 2021

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World Inclusive Skating Championships 2022

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