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Inclusive Skaters can participate in Unified Events and benefit from the addition of their WPI.

Here's how to do it.

1. If the skater is classified by Inclusive Skating refer to the World Rankings to find the skater's WPI Percentage.

2. Ensure that all the care needs of the skater are met at the event. Identify any risks and ensure that they are managed appropriately.

3. Apply all Inclusive Skating policies including Accreditation and Facilitation whilst the skater performs and judge the Inclusive Skater at the event with the same judging panel.

4. If there are 5 or more unified Skaters competing at the event take all their IJS scores and calculate the average of their IJS scores. This is the Actual Average Score. 

5. Multiply the WPI percentage of the Inclusive Skater with the Actual Average Score to calculate the compensation.

6. Add the compensation to the skating score achieved by the skater.

7. Calculate the result of the Inclusive Skater on a Unified basis with all the skaters.

Note: If there are less than 5 skaters the Technical Delegate or Referee can identify the average hypothetical score for that level of performance. The Technical Delegate and Referee can refer to historical performances for that level of performance.

Note: If the skater has not been classified then the Technical Delegate or Referee can refer to the Table of Frequently Used Classifications in the Classification Handbook to identify the skater's WPI. If, this is still not certain then the default and review WPI percentage is 5%.

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