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Inclusive Skating Rules of Competition are to be found primarily in the Technical Handbook. Competitions and events are subject to all Inclusive Skating rules, policies and procedures.

The Rules of competition for Inclusive Skating seek to provide fair rules of competition for skaters with a permanent impairment. Inclusive Skating provides rules on the following matters:


Competition is governed by Inclusive Skating Technical Handbook (with some individual modifications to take into account classification and the needs of the individual skaters).


The Announcement and Entry Pack will explain what events are being held and any modifications or developments that are to be included in that event. For example, see the Glasgow 2019 Event Announcement.


The Classification Handbook and the Code of Classification for Inclusive Skating define what impairments are to be included and how much impairment compensation is awarded to each skater. Inclusive Skaters with a classified impairment have an impairment compensation added to their skating score. Skaters who do not, skate as Unified Skaters and have no impairment compensation added to their score. The Technical Handbook and supporting rules provides the rules that authorize and determine the addition of the impairment compensation to the skating score.

Technical Skating Levels for Single Free Skating Guidance

The Technical Skating Levels for Single Free Skating Guidance (see in related resources below) provides guidance for the selection of the Technical Levels and how that relates to the classification balance assessment.

Accreditation Policy

A supportive environment is provided with extensive accreditation of the Inclusive Skater’s care givers. Accreditation ensures that all persons necessary for the care of the skater continue to fulfil their responsibility to care for the skater at all times. This policy is implemented through the Announcement and competition entry process. All accredited persons must comply with the Code of Conduct for Officials.

Facilitation Policy

Facilitation ensures that the skater can receive all the necessary facilitation that they need to skate well at competition. Facilitation to meet the skater’s needs can take many forms and is approved during classification. The Inclusive Skating Classification Handbook 4th Edition provides examples. The Technical Handbook provides the competition rules that authorize the use of facilitation.

Scoring Rules

There are also scoring and results system rules. The rules for this are found primarily in the Technical Handbook. Again any modification for the event will be found in the Event Announcement.

Video Rules

Pre-recorded video entry, where permitted, follows the usual rules with the following modifications. Videos must be sent to the event organiser at least 10 days before the event. It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure that the video is received and can be downloaded. Any system that allows the video to be downloaded by the event organiser is permitted. Systems used so for include: e-mail, Facebook messenger, Dropbox, Youtube, WeTransfer etc. The video must be a single recording of a single performance. The performance should wherever possible be on clear ice and should ensure that the skater's performance is clearly visible at all times. No other person should appear in the video without their consent. The performance being entered in the event should be contemporaneous. In normal circumstances the performance should be recorded in the period from the closing date to 10 days prior to the event.

Additional Rules

Additional rules and responsibilities of participants exist and are to be found on this website in various policies. This includes the Code of Conduct for Officials and rules and policies on safeguarding, publicity, music and risk management systems etc. These rules form a consistent practice that is deemed to be included in all Inclusive Skating events and activities unless it is otherwise stated. See for Example, the Glasgow 2019 Event Entry Pack and Announcement.

Last minute Adjustments

Any last minute announcements or adjustments necessary will be published on this website wherever possible.

In addition the Technical Delegate/ Head of Local Organising Committee (who has the ultimate responsibility to hold the event) may take any decision during the competition or event to ensure the safe and efficient running of the event.

The rules exist so we can extend a warm welcome to everyone.

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