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Inclusive Skating provides coaches and volunteer activities supporters with training and support.

1. Coach and Volunteer Qualification

Coaches and volunteers should demonstrate a threshold standard and a continuing competence to undertake the activities that they are supporting. It is the process and effect of learning activities that is important. Coaches and Volunteers are expected to review their learning needs and address them through training. Any activity that has been undertaken to address learning needs can count towards threshold and continuing competence. Coaches and volunteers should record their training on the Inclusive Skating portal.

Free online courses and seminars can provide coaches and volunteer activities supporters with training and support. The iCoachKids Free online courses are one of our recommended resources. 

All British Ice Skating licensed coaches are recognised as are coaches qualified through City and Guilds (Skate Excellence) and other suitable NVQ qualifications.

Funding to provide an Inclusive Skating Moodle (Learning Management System) has been granted by the National Lottery Community Fund. The online volunteer safety course is now under development.

Traditionally it was recommended that coaches and volunteers undertake 8 hours of continuing professional development per year and keep a record of their CPD. As Inclusive Skating recommends continuing competence all coaches and volunteers should keep their learning needs under continual review and address those needs accordingly. CPD and coach qualification may therefore occur by any relevant means. This includes the following: 

a) attending or taking relevant on-line courses provided by the ICCE, UK Coaching, British Ice Skating, British Federation of Roller Skating, Skate Excellence,  EduCare, ISU, Inclusive Skating and all accredited Institutions of Higher Learning. The iCoachKids Free online courses are one of our recommended resources. 

b) conference attendance and participation as a speaker including those provided by the ICCE, IPC, UK Coaching and other relevant Conference providers.

c) preparing and delivering training courses, provision of training and mentoring for other coaches and volunteers, research, development and implementation of technical standards and participation in Committees and Governing Bodies.

2. Insurance

Coaches and volunteer activities supporters must have appropriate coaching insurance when coaching. Coaches and volunteer activities supporters may obtain insurance through the Welsh Sports Association and Sports Cover for all Inclusive Skating Activities in the UK, including ice skating, roller skating and in-line skating.

The link to the Portal for further information is here: https://wsa.sportscover.com/

The link directly to obtain a quotation is here: https://wsa.sportscover.com/get-a-quote

3. Safeguarding and DBS/ PVG checks

All coaches and volunteer activities supporters must be qualified in safeguarding and must be DBS/PVG checked. Inclusive Skating, through its membership of the Welsh Sports Association has access to the Vibrant Nation on line system. DBS/PVG checks in over 150 countries are therefore available.  

4. First Aid

All coaches and volunteer activities supporters must be suitably qualified in First Aid. Recommended courses include St. Andrews and St. Johns First Aid courses. All coaches and volunteers should record their First Aid qualifications on the Inclusive Skating Platform.

5. Safety Training

We believe in training all the volunteer activities supporters to the same standard of safeguarding, first aid, health and safety and good practice as our coaches. Please refer to the Inclusive Skating Safeguarding information and training materials available on this website. All volunteers and coaches should understand these materials and demonstrate a duty of care that ensures the safety, health and well being of all participants at all times. 

An on-line safety course and qualification is under development. The inclusive Skating Safety Policy and Inclusive Skating Safeguarding materials should be regarded as training materials for this course. This course is funded by the People's Project National Lottery Grant awarded to Inclusive Skating.


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