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Inclusive Skating has added a test and skills/ badge structure to its activities. The First Edition is also available to download in the additional resources

The Inclusive Skating Test and Badge structure is part of the Inclusive Skating format and all the relevant Technical and Classification Handbooks, Rules and Policies apply.

Application to enter tests and or skills/ badges is made on the Inclusive Skating platform. Such application is available to all members of Inclusive Skating.

Entry is by pre-recorded video entry and follows the relevant rules on video entry except that the video will not be published on the Inclusive Skating You tube channel unless the skater and Inclusive Skating both agree to such publication. It is expected that videos will remain private and will not be published. This activity is therefore particularly suitable for skaters who wish to participate in private and measure their own performance against the current published standards for Inclusive Skating world-wide.

Test results will be provided periodically. Usually every 6 to 8 weeks. Electronic certificates will be awarded and sent by electronic communication, such as e-mail. The skater will also receive a copy of the relevant detailed marking sheet with judge’s marks where relevant. Skaters may repeat the test to achieve a higher score if they wish.

Tests may be taken in all free skating singles events covered in the Technical Handbook and in the following skills/ badge program. The technical criteria for each event remain the same.

Free Skating Test Results for single skaters will be judged according to the following criteria using the Championship score system for free skating.



Championship Score Award
World Class 10.00 and over Gold Star
Gold 7.50 and over Gold
Silver 5.00 and over Silver
Bronze 2.50 and over Bronze
Skills/ Badge Program Not applicable Badge - Skill Levels 1 to 10

Skills (“Badge”) Program

There are several programs – please select the appropriate program for each skater.

The programs are based upon the Inclusive Paralympic classes and broadly reflect Inclusive Skating functional classification. The following programs broadly increase in technical ability, skill and expected speed of skill acquisition from 1 to 3.

1. Physically Facilitated and Intellectually Facilitated Skaters Skills Program

2. Intellectually Independent Skaters and Visually Facilitated Skills Program

3. Physically Independent and Visually Independent Skaters Skills Program

1. All skaters are expected to complete 10 Skill levels. These may be referred to as “Badges”.

2. Skaters may commence in one program at the badge level appropriate to their technical level and move to the next level to complete the remaining badges. For example, skaters may complete Badges 6-10 in the Facilitated program and complete Badges 1 to 5 in the Intellectually independent Skaters program. The badges should be numbered according to the number of badges completed by the skater. If skaters complete more than 10 badges then a star should be added to the Badge.

3. Skaters may perform the skills or if they are not able to perform the skill they may watch a video of the skill or activity being performed and demonstrate knowledge and/or understanding of the skill and/or activity. Skaters should perform the activity to the fullest extent that they are able to perform the skill. This may be independent or supported. Once a skater has reached their maximum potential then the skill is deemed to be performed.

4. Once the skaters have completed the individual skills of the badge program for their technical level it is then expected that they will move into the Free Skating Balance, Frame and Harness Level 1 activities and/or Level 1 activities. Skaters may then submit a video for a test result and be marked accordingly.

5. Skaters should always choose the level that meets their current technical ability. This level may go up and down at both skill/badge level and test level.

6. All Physically Facilitated and Intellectually Facilitated Skaters Skills Program elements may be performed assisted or unassisted.

7. Skills / Badges may be assessed by sending a video to Inclusive Skating using the test entry system or be assessed by an Inclusive Skating Judge or Assessor. A formal score is not awarded and skills are assessed based upon a satisfactory performance level.

1. Physically Facilitated and Intellectually Facilitated Skaters Badge Program

Level 1

1. Enter rink and go to registration

2. Participate in the provision of registration detail

3. Participate in risk assessment with activity leader

Level 2

1. Go to side of rink and be in the rink environment

2. Touch skating boots

3. Touch balance frame

Level 3

1. Put on skating boots

2. Put on safety equipment and clothing, e.g. helmet and gloves etc.

3. Participate in safety briefing

Level 4

1. Wear skating boots for a few minutes

2. Participate in adjustment of balance aid to height and needs of skater (where available)

3. Participate in meeting of coaches/volunteers and parents/carers

Level 5

1. Move to barrier side of rink

2. Enter Rink surface safely

3. Be on rink surface for a few minutes using relevant support either standing or supported

Level 6

1. Whilst on rink bend knees or move closer to ice

2. Whilst on rink stretch arms up or move arms closer to ceiling

3. Whilst on rink stretch arms out to side of body and/or touch balance frame

Level 7

1. Move forward across rink surface for a distance of 1 metre

2. Stop moving across rink surface safely

3. Demonstrate knowledge of how to get up from a fall

Level 8

1. Move backward across rink surface for a distance of 1 metre

2. Look to Left and rotate one quarter of circle in place or moving.

3. Look to Right and rotate one quarter of circle in place or moving

Level 9

1. Move towards volunteer/ coach

2. Copy movement of volunteer/ coach or follow one instruction

3. Swizzles movement standing still

Level 10

1. Consecutive movement rotating to right and then rotating to left one quarter of turn

2. Move forward or stroking across full width of rink

3. Gliding movement- holding still whilst moving for 1 metre

2. Intellectually Independent and Visually Facilitated Skaters Badge Program

Level 1

1. Stand unassisted on rink for 5 to 10 seconds

2. Knee dip standing still

3. March forward independently or with balance frame for 1 metre

Level 2

1. Fall and stand up assisted (or unassisted) safely

2. Swizzles movement standing still

3. March across rink for 3 to 5 metres or centre of rink unassisted

Level 3

1. Two-foot glide for 3 to 5 seconds

2. Swizzles movement while moving

3. Forward glide and bend knees

Level 4

1. Forward two-foot glide for 1 metre and wait until glide stops

2. Backward wiggle or March for 1 metre

3. Rotate one circle with marching feet in place

Level 5

1. Consecutive forward Swizzles (3 to 5 swizzles)

2. Two-foot glide rotating arms to right and holding for one quarter of circle or for 1 metre

3. Two-foot glide rotating arms to left and holding for one quarter of circle or for 1 metre

Level 6

1. March across full width of rink

2. Beginner snowplough stop

3. Consecutive two-foot glide rotating arms one quarter circle to left and then right

Level 7

1. Skate one circuit around full rink

2. Forward two-foot glide whilst moving and active stop

3. Forward glide and turn to backwards

Level 8

1. Forward gliding dip for Length of body

2. Forward one-foot glide (right and Left foot) for length of body

3. Beginner jump at standstill

Level 9

1. Two-foot glide for half circle clockwise and counter-clockwise

2. Backward march for distance of 3 to 5 metre or to centre of rink

3. Forward skating with push from right and left leg

Level 10

1. Two-foot turn from forward to backwards whilst moving

2. Backward swizzles whilst moving

3. Beginner jump whilst moving

3. Physically Independent and Visually Independent Skaters Badge Program

Level 1

1. Forward march to middle of rink

2. From Standing position fall and get back up again safely and unassisted

3. Forward 2 foot glide and come to a standstill

Level 2

1. Forward two-foot swizzles (5 consecutive)

2. Forward two-foot glide and bend knees

3. Forward two-foot glide and rotate arms clockwise and repeat counter clockwise

Level 3

1. Forward march or skating across the full width of rink

2. Backward march for 1 metre

3. One half turn rotation on two-feet in place

Level 4

1. Skate forward and two-foot turn to backwards

2. Forward gliding dip on 2 feet for length of body

3. Beginner two-foot bunny hop jump in place

Level 5

1. Backward swizzles (5 consecutive)

2. Skate forward using both legs and one-foot Snowplough stop

3. Forward two-foot glide with lean into circle for one third of circle clockwise and counter clockwise

Level 6

1. Forward one-foot glide in straight line Right and Left for 1 metre

2. Backward two-foot glide for length of body

3. Forward two-foot glide with one foot performing swizzles on circle clockwise + counter clockwise

Level 7

1. Backward two-foot glide with one foot performing swizzles on circle clockwise + counter clockwise

2. Consecutive Forward two-foot curves left and right repeated 2 or 3 times

3. Forward skating full circuit of rink and two-foot snowplough stop

Level 8

1. Skate backwards for 3 to 5 metres and turn to turn forwards

2. Forward one-foot glide for 1 metre on circle Left and right clockwise and counter clockwise

3. Forward skating with a full circuit of rink pushing on both right and left leg down length of rink

Level 9.

1. Skate backwards for distance of 10 metres

2. Single forward crossover and step onto glide on 1 foot or 2 feet clockwise and counter clockwise

3. Beginner two-foot bunny hop jump whilst moving

Level 10

1. Backward one-foot glide left and right for length of body

2. Backward gliding dip on 2 feet

3. Consecutive beginner forward cross overs clockwise and counter clockwise

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