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These are the measures we have in place to protect people from abuse and maltreatment of any kind.

Inclusive Skating adopts the guidance from, the Charity Commission, which describes safeguarding as meaning, “the range of measures in place to protect people in a charity, or those it comes into contact with, from abuse and maltreatment of any kind.”

Therefore, we take reasonable steps to safeguard and protect all beneficiaries from abuse, even when these are not children and vulnerable adults. Our Code of Conduct for Officials, which includes our safeguarding policy applies to everyone.

We also adopt the very highest standards of safeguarding. We apply all relevant standards of safeguarding including those of organisations that we are affiliated to, or associated with. Therefore the National Ice Skating Association Safeguarding and complaints and Disciplinary Policies and all relevant UK Sport, Sports coach UK, CPSU Policies apply also. In the event of any conflict our Code of Conduct for Officials defaults to whatever is the higher standard. Our policies apply world-wide.

Inclusive Skating is registered with Volunteer Scotland for the purposes of Disclosure Scotland. We can therefore provide Free PVG checks for all our volunteer activities supporters in Scotland. In whatever country our volunteers operate we will seek to conduct safeguarding checks. 

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