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Inclusive Skating started as a Global Project and achieved World-Wide recognition in 2018

The Global Project

In 2010 Margarita Sweeney-Baird recognised that Ice Skating was still not in the Paralympics. This was despite her earlier work in the early nineties to establish a Charitable Trust managed by the British Governing body of ice skating. The 1995-2000 plan led by NISA to develop ice skating for those with challenges had never been implemented. So, she had some spare time and an idea that she thought might work. She took it to David Dore, then the vice President of the ISU and undertook to build an international team of experts to develop the ideas and deliver a full and detailed plan to the ISU in 2012. The ISU did not contribute to the development of a working group and did not adopt the format in 2012 when it was offered to them. Inclusive Skating has therefore developed into an independent movement with national championships, world rankings and international events independently of the ISU. In 2018 the ISU finally recognised the Inclusive Skating format and thanked Margarita for her work to develop Inclusive skating. The Glasgow 2019 Inclusive skating event appears on the ISU calendar for the first time. So, Margarita looks forward to working in co-operation with the ISU and all relevant Federations in the future.

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