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Inclusive Skating provides CIMSPA and Sport England approved Covid-19 training through ReActivate!

Inclusive Skating has launching our new Inclusive Skating ReActivate Training platform!

ReActivate is a COVID-Awareness training platform which has been funded by Sport England, Commissioned by CIMSPA and brought to you by Future Active Workforce.  

The course is entirely FREE  to all our registered community and is available to those who have completed our Inclusive Skating Accredited Safety Advisor Course.

The training is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence in returning safely to sport and physical activity, and getting back to providing a valuable service to our customers and community. It will deliver CIMSPA accredited Covid-19 awareness training (3 CPD points) filled with content to make sure we safely return to our roles safely over the coming weeks.

This training is focussed on activities in England. It is recommended for anyone who skates or volunteers in any way in England. Parents and Carers and the wider community who may benefit from the training are encouraged to take the Covid-19 course.

Easily accessible via your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile, the platform is loaded with content which will focus on COVID-19 and the best practices that you should use in your roles. You will need to watch/read all of the available resources in the modules available to you and complete some knowledge checks to gain your certificate.

What happens next?

The platform uses a self-sign up process. All you need to do is click on the link in the email that most suitably reflects your roles at Inclusive Skating, then fill in your details to sign up.  An e-mail with  the links will be sent to you. If you haven't received one then do contact us.

There are 3 separate links for different roles. Please choose the role that best meets your activities or you can opt to take the combined option.

Front Line Coaching  and Volunteering

Managing and Maintaining a Facility

Front Line Coaching and Volunteering & Managing and Maintaining a Facility

Upon log in you will be asked to complete some personal details and once you have done this you will be directed to your main dashboard – this is an overview of the training that is available to you and how many resources you have watched and have left to watch. 

To access the ReActivate training content: Navigate to your library (button along the main top bar) and then select ‘Team ReActivate’, in here you will see multiple subcategories and within each is a range of content that you will need to watch/read before completing the knowledge check exam in each subcategory.

Once all resources have been viewed, and you have completed each of the knowledge checks, you will then be able to download your Covid-19 Certificate!

Log in after you have registered on theReActivate training platform

Once registered, you can log in at any time here:https://prozone.futurefit.co.uk/inclusiveskating/login  (this link is the same, regardless of which option you selected above).

Inclusive Skating plays a crucial role in the health and wellbeing of our society, and your roles are vital in keeping our communities active. So we’re keen to give you all access to the resources and training provided. We will also be supplying content from Inclusive Skating which is specific to Inclusive Skating and will further support you in your roles going forward. Additional training, including the general Safety Policy, is available on the Inclusive Skating learning platform.

Additional Government Guidance:

The Sport Scotland guidance for Facilities is available as a pdf in the additional resources below and by the following link to the Sport Scotland website - https://sportscotland.org.uk/media/6008/ice_rinks_gyfffs_info_sheet.pdf

Sport Scotland also provide additional training for members. Please contact Inclusive Skating for assistance with access.

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