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Guidance for the return to Inclusive Skating during an anticipated period of Social Distancing

In preparing for returning to skating, working with rink managers and other Ice Sport's National Governing Bodies, a number of documents have been produced. These documents have been adapted for the purposes of Inclusive Skating programmes and disciplines.

Review of this document and the Covid-19 risk assessment by relevant government departments to support a safe return for Inclusive Skating has taken place.

Following review by Sport Scotland the Inclusive Skating Covid-19 Policy is incorporated in the Getting your facilities fit for sport, Sport Scotland operational guidance: indoor ice rinks, August 2020 This is available as a pdf in the additional resources below and by the following link to the Sport Scotland website - https://sportscotland.org.uk/media/6008/ice_rinks_gyfffs_info_sheet.pdf

These documents will be supported by the risk assessment as adapted for Covid-19 and on-line training sessions and courses to support all participants to return to Inclusive Skating activities taking place at rinks. In addition, Individual, rink and activity risk assessments and the best practice contained within this document and the inclusive Skating Safety Policy will provide further guidance.

By following these guidelines as well as those from the government and health agencies and your rink and facility operator; all participants, including skaters and their families and carers, volunteers and coaches will be able to make informed decisions as to how and when they can return to skating activities.

This guidance follows our earlier Action plan that was put in place in March for the Scottish Championships 2020 in April and lockdown. This is included below for your information.


Inclusive Skating is committed to ensuring the safety, health and well-being of our community and recommends that our community follow the current WHO and government health guidelines at all times. Many Inclusive skaters have underlying health conditions and are within the high-risk category for Coronavirus. So, the following measures will be followed during the Coronavirus outbreak.

  1. The Scottish on April 17th and British Inclusive Skating Championships scheduled for July 8th to 10th in Cardiff will take place as on-line events only. Inclusive Skating video rules will apply. https://inclusiveskating.org/technical/rules
  2. All competitors for the Scottish International Championships who have registered to participate at the venue are invited to provide a pre-recorded video entry for all events. Please send in your video at least 10 days before the event wherever possible.
  3. Additional online events will be scheduled for September and thereafter until the Coronavirus outbreak abates and risks reduce.
  4. Medals for the Scottish Championships will be posted to competitors.
  5. Results will be posted online on the Inclusive Skating website and videos will be posted on the Inclusive Skating Youtube channel. For the Scottish Championships we plan to have all results and videos posted on 17th April and timetabled for release according to a normal competition timetable. This timetable will be published in advance.

Good luck and good skating!

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