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Inclusive Skating supports Volunteer, Club, Workshop and Event Development

Inclusive Skating supports development in many ways. Volunteer, club and event development are just some of the activities supported. 

Safety is a key priority for Inclusive Skating and the Safety Policy, Safeguarding resources and additional resources are under continual development. These provide a valuable resource for the community.


Funding applications can be made through Inclusive Skating to set up new clubs or we can provide Letters of Support to our community to set up new clubs/ activities. We have even supported funding applications as far away as Canada and Australia.

Insurance cover for activities is also available.

Occasionally, Inclusive Skating sets up new clubs. We ran a pilot club at Auchenharvie in 2012 to develop suitable systems. The Inclusive Skating Commonwealth Games Legacy Project was to set up the first permanent club at the Time Capsule, Coatbridge in Scotland. A new club was set up in Braehead in 10th February 2018. This club has been financed by the Lottery and Sport Scotland and is open to the entire Inclusive Skating community. Inclusive Skating received a Letter of Congratulations from the Scottish Government MSP on the award of the grant and the founding of the new Braehead club. The Solihull Inclusive Skating Academy is the first Inclusive Skating affiliated club in England and was formed in 2019.

Activities at the clubs are often filmed and used for training materials for the whole community.


An Event development programme using on line resources is currently under development.


All volunteers are invited to register on the membership platform as volunteers. A special membership tier is available.

Inclusive Skating is registered with the Welsh Sports Association and Volunteer Scotland for the purposes of PVG checks. So, we can obtain free safeguarding checks for Volunteers too.

A Volunteer development programme is currently under development.

Volunteers who provide coaching can obtain insurance through the WSA and Vibrant Nation.


Inclusive Skating runs its own workshops and also supports those who provide workshops to the Inclusive Skating Community. Information on these is available on the events page.


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