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Inclusive skating activities to support those with hearing difficulties

Inclusive Skating has a team of volunteers, mentors and coaches willing to provide dedicated support to those with hearing challenges.

Mentors for those with Hearing Impairment in the UK
Billy Mair, has worn cochlear implants since age 3 and is fluent in BSL sign language. He has won the British Inclusive Skating Championships and has represented Great Britain at numerous International events. Billy is an accredited Inclusive Skating Safety Advisor and coaches too. Billy has numerous coaching qualifications including an HNC in Sports Coaching. Billy’s skating prowess has featured regularly in National Deaf Children’s UK publications.
Billy’s family are all willing to help too. Four of the family are IS Accredited Safety Advisors. They can be contacted on:
Billy - billy_mair@yahoo.com
Kathleen Mair (mum) Kathleen_mair@sky.com
Billy Mair Senior (Dad) Kathleen_mair@sky.com
Katie Mair (sister) Kathleen_mair@sky.com

Ann Stokes – Ann is a very keen coach volunteer who has skated for over 40 years. She has been involved with Inclusive Skating at local club, national and international level and was a coach with the Special Olympics skating team to Austria in 2017. Ann is level 2 BSL and has hearing difficulties too. Ann is also an Accredited Inclusive Skating Safety Advisor. Ann can be contacted on: annmccart@hotmail.com

Margarita Sweeney-Baird – Margarita is the Founder and Chair of inclusive Skating and can be contacted at all times to assist members of Inclusive Skating with mentoring and access. Contact inclusiveskating.event@gmail.com

Who can join?
Skaters self-refer into Inclusive Skating so everyone is welcome.  There’s no test to participate. So those with hearing challenges are welcome too.
Inclusive Skating Beginner membership (£5) provides insurance and support. To join use the link above or go to the website and use the join us link
Each rink has different ice fee charges and booking arrangements. Unless there is a club ice fees must usually be paid directly to the rinks. Most skating ice session fees average £7 to £10 including skate hire.

Inclusive Skating has funding for 25 skaters in the UK with a hearing challenge to receive free beginner membership if they sign up before 1st July 2020. Sign up on the platform and/or contact inclusiveskating.event@gmail.com
Inclusive Skating has funding from the National Lottery for UK skaters to receive some free coaching with an accredited safety advisor if they sign up before 1 July 2020. Funds are limited so first come first served.
Contact inclusiveskating.event@gmail.com

Online Resources
1. The "How to get into ice skating for people with hearing difficulties" guide is available to download from the related resources on this page.

2. Take the Safety Course. The safety course is a free course about taking new athletes for lessons or just for skating safely. A proper risk assessment can meet the needs of anyone skating for the first time and regularly. The course is based on the Safety Policy – available to download for free
For further information on the FREE online Safety course - Click “Get Involved” > “Safety Course”.

3. The IS Youtube channel contains a playlist of short safety and coaching videos

4. Further videos on basic skating skills with BSL are under development

5. On the website Inclusive Skating.org search Resources section for all kinds of information on inclusive skating.

This exciting new project is being made available with the help of the growing number of Inclusive Skating volunteers and coaches. All coaches and volunteers are Accredited Inclusive Skating Safety Advisors.

Everyone, including people with a hearing challenge are invited to take the Safety course and become Accredited Inclusive Skating Safety Advisors. Those with BSL and related communications skills are particularly welcome to apply.

Funding for the coaching and the safety course and videos has been provided by the National Lottery Community Fund and the People's Project.

Here's one of our videos to get you started.



Inclusive Skating and the National Deaf Children's Society are seeking to work closely together to give more deaf children the opportunity to skate. 

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