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Inclusive Skating has a Register of Accredited Inclusive Skating Safety Advisors

This course is professionally recognised and CIMPSA has endorsed 5 CPD points 

CIMSPA 5 CPD endorsed points

Inclusive Skating is delighted to announce that the following have become Accredited Inclusive Skating Safety Advisors:

List updated 21.08.2023 - Huge congratulations everyone! There are now 104 Safety Advisors!!!

Adam Jukes -  England

Adrian Jack - England

Agnes Samuelsson - Sweden

Alec Angus- Scotland

Alison Deuchars- Scotland

Anette Anderson - Sweden

Angela Marston - Uttoxeter, England

Ann Stokes - Time Capsule, Scotland

Annabel Mansell - Murrayfield, Scotland

Benjamin Salmon, London, England

Bethan Preece-Msokeri- Scotland

Billy Mair - Auchenharvie, Scotland

Billy Mair Senior - Auchenharvie, Scotland

Brian Grayson - Australia

Brenda Gott - Deeside, Wales and completed CIMSPA Covid-19 training

Bronwyn Stubbings - England

Cameron Ord - Australia

Carol Mead - England

Caroline Woodthorpe - England

Charlotta Mellegard - Sweden

Charmain Barnsley - Australia

Christie Shannon- Scotland

Christina Malloy - Time Capsule, Scotland and completed CIMSPA Covid-19 training

Christopher Martin Davis - USA and Bulgaria (based in London, England)

Claire Weston - Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Courtney O'Connor - Dublin and Cork (Ireland) 

Danielle Starkie - Blackburn and completed CIMSPA Covid-19 training

David Marston - Uttoxeter, England

Elise Vaughan - Australia

Emma Bone - Scotland

Emily Poulton-Smyth - England

Evie Kingston - England

Finlay Copeland - Scotland

Frances Sneddon - Scotland

Gayle Wright - Scotland

Gemma Ravenscroft - Solihull, England

Gordon Struthers - Glasgow, Scotland

Grainne Wray - Dublin, Ireland

Gregor Watson - Stirling, Scotland

Hannah Davies - England

Hannah Lee - Bradford, England

Imogen Casey - Australia

Irene Emmanoulides - Germany and Italy

Issy Morris - England

Janet Donaldson - Scotland (Stirling/ North Lanarkshire/ Hamilton)

Jaroslava Vohankova - Czechia and England

Jean McGregor - NSW Australia

Jessica Ashby - London, England

Jo Kingston - England

Jon Behari - Aberdeen, Scotland and completed Sport Scotland Covid-19 training

Jordan Graham - Northern Ireland

Jim Dunn - Braehead and Time Capsule and completed CIMSPA Covid-19 training

Juliana Sweeney-Baird - Scotland, England and Ireland

Kate Geering - NSW Australia 

Kathleen Mair - Auchenharvie Scotland

Katie Mair - Auchenharvie Scotland

Katie Kirby - Nottingham England

Laura Hill - England

Leah Rouvas - Australia 

Lewis Reid - Scotland

Liz (Elizabeth) Howe - Uttoxeter, England

Lorna Malloy - Time Capsule 

Lorin Kauffeld - South Africa and Australia

Louisa Chatwin - Lammas, Nottingham England

Louise Grayson - Australia

Lova Nordin - Sweden

Lowri Jones - Cardiff, Wales

Lucy Baxter - Scotland

Lynette Schultz- Australia 

Margaret Gibson - Time Capsule, Scotland

Margarita Sweeney-Baird - Inclusive Skating and completed CIMSPA Covid-19 training

Mary Dripps - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Melissa Riach - East Kilbride, Scotland

Melissa Schunn - Australia

Mina Zdravkova - Bulgaria and England

Molly Mitchell-Knight - Glasgow Scotland and completed Sport Scotland Covid-19 training 

Monika MacAlister- 

Natasha Reynolds- Scotland 

Nicole Lewis - Australia

Nikki Sibeon - Deeside, Wales and completed CIMSPA Covid-19 training

Nora Rundell - Murrayfield Scotland

Olivia Bell - Kilmarnock, Scotland

Pam Richardson-Delaney - Deeside, Wales

Patrick Hughes - Deeside, Wales

Paul Crocker - Gosport England

Perry  O'Connor - Ireland

Rachel Fiutowski - Australia

Rebecca Andrew - NSW, Australia

Rebecca Hutchison - Scotland (Stirling and North Lanarkshire)

Rebecca Rowe- Australia

Rebekah Fleming - Scotland

Ryan Southan - Deeside, Wales

Sara Louise Moon - Scotland

Sarah Carter - (Solihull) England

Sally Hoolin - London England and Wales

Simon Hardy - Australia

Siobhan Cassidy - (Time Capsule) Scotland

Steven Bryce - Stirling, Scotland

Stuart Bell - (Solihull) England

Suzanne Otterson-MacDonald - Ayr, Scotland

Thi Kim Nuong Nguyen- Australia 

Tim Keeble - (Cardiff) Wales

Vicki Smart - (Uttoxeter) England

Walter Stewart - (Murrayfield and Braehead) Scotland +

Everyone is welcome to take the safety course and make a difference. Here's one of the videos from the safety course. 


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