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Skaters and the Inclusive Skating Community are welcome to get involved on our social media

Here's some handy tips on how to get involved in our social media. This can also be downloaded as a pdf from the related resources.

Social media tips for our skaters



Official: @InclusiveSkating
Our page: We share videos and photos from our

clubs & updates on upcoming events.

Your page: Share your own pictures and videos and tag us or your local club in your posts and we will share.

Top tips: Ask your friend or family to take photos or videos while you skate.

Facebook is a great place to get your friends & family interested in your sport.

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Official: @InclusiveSk8
Our page: We share news about our organisation

and upcoming events.

Your page: Follow fellow skaters, get tips and news from the skating world.

Top tips: Search twitter for ‘figure skating’ or ‘ice skating’ and follow some of the top accounts. Words are limited on twitter so add pictures and videos to your tweets to make them stand out.

Include #InclusiveSkating in your posts.

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Official: @InclusiveSkating
Our post: Share videos and photos from Inclusive

Skating clubs & championship events.

Your page: We post photos & videos of your skills and routines on your page. Use stories function to post updates which only show for 24hrs.

Top tips: Ask your friend or family to post photos or videos while you skate. Ask users to comment or like your posts to get them out to more people.

Use filters or effects for added fun on your posts.

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Official: Inclusive Skating channel
Our page: Videos from our events, live streams &

video entries.

Your page: We share videos of your skating and skills. Video blog about your life and love of skating.

Top tips: Search YouTube for loads of great skating videos. Watch tutorial and coaching videos to learn new skills.

Follow your friends, offer them encouragement and advice.

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Tik Tok

Our page: We don’t have an official
page but will share the best videos we see on other platforms.

Your page: Show off your skating skills, do viral dances on/off ice. Have fun and express yourself.

Top tips: Use hashtag #fyp on your posts. Turn off comments. Search Tik Tok for ice skating videos and add interesting users.

Copy popular memes, use your favourite songs and copy/duet others users to go viral.

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General tips

l Share your content across different platforms. Share your YouTube videos on Facebook & Instagram etc.

l Check spelling & grammar before you post.
l Use privacy settings to protect your account and

identity when necessary.
l Use #hashtags to get your posts to more people. l Have fun, log off social media if it stops being fun.

l Treat other users as you would like to be treated. #BeKind

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