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Competition levels provide a development pathway for all athletes from beginner to elite.

Inclusive Skating levels are intended to provide a development pathway for all skaters, irrespective of the challenge.

Inclusive Skating provides International, national and local competition in Figure Skating. The competition levels are the building block of the process. The skater, with the help of their coach, chooses the level of competition that is best suited for them. The skaters skates at the competition within their selected level of competition. The results for the levels are always calculated, impairment compensation added on where appropriate and medals awarded according to the age and level of the skater. We aim to ensure that the results for the levels are divided up in such a way that the skater will be awarded at least one medal.

Skaters skate once at the Level of competition they enter. This ensures that all skaters have a development pathway and that recreational skaters or skaters new to the sport can be successful too.

Additional results from the same performance score at the level entered are calculated for Championship results and additional disability specific classifications.

There is a wide range of events with many levels to choose from within the competition structure. There are Free, Pair, Dance, Figure and Synchro events for duets, trios, quads, teams from 5 to 10 skaters and super teams with 11 to 16 skaters. These allow for the inclusion of skaters with all forms of disability and support needs, including those that use a harness, frame, balance facilitator or wheelchair. We aim to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate.

Impairment compensation is added to the competition level scores. Skaters do not need a diagnosis to be included. The assessment of the skater’s needs and abilities is undertaken functionally during classification. Skaters with mental illness are also welcomed on a unified basis. All Skaters, Inclusive and Unified alike, receive all necessary support and facilitation to meet their needs.

The Inclusive Skating Championship results are calculated by amalgamating all the results across all the levels. An adjustment for time is made for fairness.

For Championship results, the scores for each skater are taken from all the levels of competition usually according to their age category and gender. Their scores are divided to produce a one minute score. So, for example, skaters at level 6 Free skating who skate a 3 minute score have their score divided by 3. A skater who is at level 1 will have their score divided by 1 so their score will not change. This makes it fair to compare the skaters across all the levels. All the relevant one minute scores are then put together and Championship medals and trophies are then awarded accordingly. The one minute score is also used for Inclusive Skating World Rankings.

Disability specific events can operate on a cost-effective basis within this structure. Inclusive Skating has hosted Special Olympic events since 2012 and British Blind Sport Events in 2016. In 2017, the Inclusive Skating for Genes British Championships was founded. This is the first event specifically for children with genetic disorders. Inclusive Skating will continue to pioneer the development of ice skating competitions for Inclusive and Unified Skaters.

The Inclusive Skating Technical Handbook provides information on the events that are available, their operation, the technical elements, the scoring and the judging system.

Technical Skating Levels for Single Free Skating Guidance

The Technical Skating Levels for Single Free Skating Guidance (see in related resources below) provides guidance for the selection of the Technical Levels and how that relates to the classification balance assessment. The guidance also provides a comparison with Special Olympic Levels and detail on the level that the skater should compete.

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