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The Skater's Handbook is designed to provide skater's (and their parents/carers) with essential information in one place.

The Skater's Handbook provides essential information for skater's all in one convenient location.

1. All participant's (including skater's, parents, coaches, carer's and volunteers etc.) must comply with the IS Code of Conduct.

2. Inclusive Skating has lots of policies that help to promote your welfare. The most important are the Safety Policy, the Session Risk Assessments and your individual profile.

3. There's a welfare officer and a reporting pathway for reporting any concerns. 

Is it a Safeguarding Issue : Ask the 4 W Questions





There can be a how if appropriate

There should never be a WHY!

Obtain this information to assess whether this is a concern or safeguarding issue.

Volunteers should have enough information to make a decision on this and refer if necessary.

Remember you can report and we will record low level concerns too even if it doesn’t raise a safeguarding issue!

4. Inclusive Skating seeks to provide you with additional opportunities

5. Skater's Forum (under development)

Inclusive Skating is establishing a Skater's Forum to amplify the skater's voice. Please contact us if you're interested in contributing/ participating/ supporting this initiative. 


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