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This page provides information on suitable venues and safety policies for skating activities,

There are many specially designed venues for skating activities across the world that have sound operating systems and safety policies in place.

At all venues follow the local and national government guidelines, the local rinks rules and the Inclusive Skating Safety Policy at all times.

Modern ice rinks have Zambonis for ice preparation and skilled staff to prepare a good surface. Outdoor rinks rarely have such equipment so extra care must be taken to avoid uneven surfaces and debris on the surface. Extra care must also be taken to ensure that the ice surface is safe and of sufficient thickness for skating.

Plastic ice is a potential venue for skating activities. There are a range of products available and you should always follow the manufacturers instructions for their use.

Dedicated In-line and roller skating rinks are available. Wheel based skating also takes place on indoor facilities on a range of surfaces including wood. The Skate People have provided a FAQ on floors and the Maple Flooring Manufacturers have also provided a statement on the use of their wooden flooring.

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