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The Inclusive Skating for Genes Championships will be held in Lammas, Nottingham on 15th September 2019


To enter the event.

Early bird entry will open on 1st June 2019. Entry open on 1st July 2019. Late Entry will be accepted from 1st August until the Final Closing Date of 15th August 2019.

1. Create a profile on the membership platform if you don't have one. Make sure you validate your e-mail once you have created your profile.

2. Then add your membership if you don't have one. This can be found on your profile page.

3. Select your membership and fill out the form. Most people come under skater membership. The Family membership is found under skater membership. The types of skater membership are on page 2 in a drop down menu. HofH is head of household and it doesn't matter if you are not a skater.

4. Then enter the event. You don't need to add the planned program content sheet yet. They are optional and they are not on the information page for this year's event. They may be put there in future events.

5. Then pay the entry fee.

If you need any help filling out the form just ask. The forms are long because we allow Inclusive skaters to volunteer and we have Inclusive Skaters whose parents/ carers/ family members have additional needs too. So, those who have greater independence may fill out the same information a few times. Once the information is in the system it is remembered for the future so it will be easier to enter the event.

If you're still struggling we have online zoom capability and we can even share screens and help you fill it out.

So, if you have any difficulty with anything just ask.

We are here for you.

Good luck and good skating!

© Inclusive Skating, 2019

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