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British International Virtual Championships 2020

The British Inclusive Skating International Championships 2020 were held as a Virtual on-line event on 5th December 2020. Video and Virtual Rules applied.

There were over 60 inspiring performance from nearly 40 skaters at this year British International Virtual Championships. Everyone skated brilliantly and we are thrilled with the resilience and dedication of the skaters and the community!

British International Virtual Championships 2020

To accommodate the disruption to many of the skater's training during the on-going Coronavirus Pandemic the rules were adjusted to allow video entry and to create new events.


Skaters who did not have the time on the ice to train their programs found the new element events popular. Skaters were also permitted to use in-line skates, roller skates and/ or ice skates and to participate at different levels in each concurrently. Many of the skaters have developed a wide range of new skills on and off the ice and were rewarded accordingly. Well done skaters! Given the popularity of these rule changes these new developments will be incorporated into all future events.


Inclusive Skating was also delighted to welcome skaters from Sweden and Australia and, for the first time, skaters from all four home nations. A sign of the growing popularity of Inclusive Skating.


The presentation party will take place on zoom on Saturday 9th January 2021 at 7.30pm. Medals, lanyards and small gifts have been posted to all the skaters.


Season’s Greetings and congratulations to everyone involved!

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