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New Charity Trustee!

We're delighted to welcome our newest (and youngest) Charity Trustee to the board

New Charity Trustee!

At the Board meeting on 27th October 2020 it was unanimously agreed to appoint Courtney O’Connor from Ireland as a Charity Trustee. This is a remarkable achievement and it is fitting that this appointment has taken place in Scotland during Women on Board Sport Week.


Courtney has been attending IS Board meeting for 18 months on a shadowing basis. So, everyone was delighted when Courtney took the plunge and sent in an application to be a full trustee. Margarita Sweeney-Baird said, “We were thrilled when Courtney responded to our advertisement and sent in her CV for consideration. Courtney will be a huge asset going forward and we’re excited for what she can achieve.”


Courtney was the very first Inclusive Skater. She met Margarita Sweeney-Baird at the Irish Championships in 2010. Margarita was the Technical Director of the Ice Skating Association of Ireland and questioned why a very talented and lovely skater was participating in the beginner class. It turned out that Courtney was unable to pass the most basic skating exam to progress further due to a spinal issue. So, Margarita thought that something had to be done to allow beautiful skaters like Courtney to participate and progress through the sport. So, that was how what is now Inclusive Skating was founded.


Through the decade that has passed Courtney has been a regular participant in many events and activities. She has skated successfully as a competitor winning many gold medals in free skating, elements, figures and dance. She judges at events and has participated in the development of rules and regulations too.  So, Courtney and the O’Connor family will be familiar to many within the Inclusive Skating community.


Courtney hopes to increase support for and awareness of those with impairments who can benefit from Inclusive Skating participation. At an operational level Courtney wishes to participate in the development of Inclusive Skating in Ireland and globally. She also wishes to increase the range of workshops and master classes and include a music understanding and therapy program within the Inclusive Skating on and off ice program. Details to follow!


It is wonderful that Courtney now wishes to take the next steps on her journey with Inclusive Skating to Board level and we wish her all the best.


Huge congratulations Courtney!

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