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Technology partners chosen

Inclusive Skating has chosen Sport 80 as its membership/ event platform to grow the sport world-wide

Technology partners chosen

“We are delighted with the customer support at Sport 80. Their experience with sport management has been a huge help. We are very excited with the new website and membership platform. With the use of the Sport 80 technology we will now be able to focus our valuable volunteer resources on our core activities knowing that the back office administration is taken care of. This is a significant step forward for Inclusive Skating.”
- Margarita Sweeney-Baird, the Founder and Chair of Inclusive Skating

Inclusive Skating wanted to transform the way the sport was governed on an international scale with the use of innovative technology. They came to Sport 80 with a limited budget and big ideas in search for a Platform that would help manage internal operations, memberships, events, collect and formalise member data all in one centralised location. As a new IF, Inclusive Skating had no previous systems in place to manage their operations, meaning they had limited ability to accurately track their members and volunteers.

Thanks to a grant from Foundation Scotland and fund-raising through the Kiltwalk the funds were raised to implement the new website and platform.

After adopting the Sport:80 Platform, Inclusive Skating is now utilising all the core features of the Sport 80 platform, including:  

The data management and reporting module is of particular significance to Inclusive Skating due to the lack of previous systems; their membership and events data is now collected and fed into the data management module, which helps Inclusive Skating gain insight into who their members are and the best ways to drive engagement and grow the sport.

Sport 80 are also helping them build a brand-new website with the support of their partner 93ft, a creative design agency. Given the limited resources of Inclusive Skating, the website is an exciting opportunity to apply innovative designs in to an affordable solution.

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