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World wide recognition for Inclusive Skating

The International Skating Union has officially recognised the Inclusive Skating event format.

World wide recognition for Inclusive Skating

The International Skating Union has made a major decision that will change the face of ice skating for the disabled and disabled sport in general. The ISU have accepted and recognised the Inclusive Skating event format. This is the first official recognition given to Inclusive Skating by the sport’s international governing body for those with challenges and paves the way for worldwide competitive skating for those with additional needs.

The Inclusive Skating event structure was first piloted in 2012 and featured on BBC news. Since then it has been refined and now allows skaters with any disability to compete safely and fairly. Inclusive Skating’s classification model converts all disabilities into an impairment percentage. This gives an impairment score which is added to the skater’s performance score. So, when the final result is calculated all skaters are put on a level playing field. This means the competition model can evaluate all skaters fairly and equally. 

The Glasgow 2019 International event has been sanctioned by the ISU and was the first Inclusive Skating event to feature on the official ISU calendar. All ISU eligible skaters and officials are permitted and encouraged to take part in any current and future Inclusive Skating events.

“This marks a major milestone in the Inclusive Skating journey and we would like to thank the ISU for their cooperation and support. We hope that the members of the ISU enjoy being part of the Inclusive Skating community as much as we do!”, said Margarita Sweeney-Baird, Founder and Chair of Inclusive Skating.

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